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Hi, I’m Jacq. I have been mapping away my travels since 2010 with a backpack and travel journal. I am currently an educator in Washington.

My travel style 

Traveling Light: I travel with a 25-liter backpack, packing only the essentials. 

Growing up in villages full of paddy fields, and listening to frogs croaking on lazy afternoons till night, I never had enough of staying in paddy villages across Asia. I cherished these childhood memories.

I have carried notebooks for 15+ years. Muji Notebook is a very convenient companion due to its A4 size.  A Muji gel pen is a must in your backpack. On the road, a few half-days are spent catching up on writing in a teahouse, cafe, and shisha bar. After a tire-long day, notebook pages were left with empty pages. In many hilarious events, it was forgotten to be written down. 

Travel Light means coming home light as well. But I will not let go of spices and coffee, and a few grams of cheese from each trip.

About Mapping Away 

While mapping away, a curiosity path winds down neighborhoods and houses. This blog is created with the thought that you enjoy the same travel style. It’s about traveling light and traveling solo, sometimes with a partner. By all means, you will find villages, towns, and cities that you want to stroll.